Monday, February 25, 2013

The Glamorous (A Recap of the 2013 Oscars)

2013 Best Picture Winner, Argo.

It’s really hard to react to something you “technically” didn’t see. Yep, that’s right I didn’t watch this year’s Oscars. I know, I know, but in my defense, I didn’t have cable, so yeah, there’s that. However, I still heard about all of the funny/big/surprise moments as they happened.

That’s the great thing about the Internet and YouTube and Facebook and Twitter. You never miss a moment of major news events happening in the world. Everything and everyone is so connected that I literally stayed on my Facebook and Twitter news feeds and it was like I was watching the show. But since I didn’t “see” the moments happen and they don’t have that “organic” feeling of seeing them live, I don’t feel right telling you my best moment or worst moment or best dressed.  I’ll just give you my biggest winners and losers of the night.

Big Winners


Affleck still went home a winner.
Argo was the biggest winner of the night simply because it took home the biggest prize and, honestly, it was an easy call. Lincoln lost a ton of steam and the way Argo was sweeping everything else you just knew it was going home with the “Big One”. Besides, I can tell you one thing about Hollywood that I’ve learned to be completely true. We, (And I can say we damn it because I live here and I WORK here.) love to hear about ourselves. Especially the big wigs out here. Hollywood loves great movies about Hollywood. (Cut to the producer of The Artist laughing while holding a Best Picture statue.) And of course it was going to win at least three awards, so I predicted both of Argo's wins in film editing and adapted screenplay. No way it was winning Best Picture without taking home a few other awards in the process.

Christoph Waltz

Waltz is 2 for 2 at the Oscars.
If I were this guy’s agent, I’d be calling Quentin Tarantino right now (Tarantino also had a big night as he won for Best Original Screenplay for Django Unchained.) and ask when and where his next project was. I wouldn’t care if he was asking Waltz to dress in drag and play a Mexican prostitute, I’d make Waltz take the role. Waltz has won twice in the last four years and both times for playing what was essentially the same character. He’s a brilliant actor who seems to shine under Tarantino’s direction and why wouldn’t he. A character actor like Waltz will always perform well when given such juicy dialog and note worthy scenes to work with. This year’s Best Supporting Actor nominee field was the strongest in Oscar history, so if anyone of those guys won, it would have been okay with me. Still, I thought there was no way they would give it to Waltz again, especially for a second Quentin Tarantino film. (I still picked him to win in my office pool. AKA Hedging my bet baby!)

Big Loser


12 Nomination only equaled 2 Wins for Lincoln.

Damn, damn, damn! I knew the movie about freeing black people wasn’t ready for the big time. (That’s a joke.) From having all the momentum in the world a few months ago when it was nominated for twelve awards to going out with such a loud thud last night. I haven’t seen a performance that bad under the big lights since Tom Brady in the 2012 Super Bowl. (I originally had a “male performance” joke about Jimmy Johnson but… yeah…) Daniel Day-Lewis winning for Best Actor was a foregone conclusion, but I really thought it was set up for Spielberg to win another Best Director award. With Affleck and Bigelow missing from the nominees I thought his road to Oscar gold was clear, but with the film losing at every turn to Argo there was no way he was winning it. When a President announces your film and it still doesn’t win, it’s over. You get Lincoln in a theater be it “Ford” or “Nokia” and bad things WILL happen. (Hey I kid, I kid. I love Lincoln. Remember, I’m black, so his picture hangs next to Dr. King’s (not Waltz’ character from Django) and Obama’s. Still too soon huh?)

Bonus Winner (Or Loser)

We have an office Oscar pool at my job and I think I’m doing pretty well. I’m writing this at 10:45 PCT so I’m still not sure if I won. I can’t remember exactly what I picked, but I’m pretty sure I got 16 out of 24 awards right. And I should have gotten at least two more right if I went with my gut or remembered what I said about Lincoln. Production value makes period pieces Paris! So congrats to all the winners and better look next time to the losers. But just like me in my office Oscar pool, it’s just an honor to be in the pot or even be nominated. What the hell am I saying? That’s crazy talk, I wanna win!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

When It All Falls Down

RIP Dr. Buss

I was once told that it’s the hard times that let’s us see the true nature of people. Sometimes, we need things to go as far south as possible before we can pull ourselves out of the ashes and for the 2012-13 Los Angeles Lakers, things just went really far south. Like Antarctic south. Legendary team owner, Jerry Buss, passed away on Monday adding another black cloud on an already abysmal Laker season.

It comes as no real surprise that the Lakers have been a total dumpster fire since Dr. Buss passed the day-to-day operations of the team over to his son, Jim Buss. (A guy that’s about as accomplished professionally as I am. No really, look him up.) It’s long been rumored that even the people close to the Lakers organization were worried what would happen to the team once Dr. Buss passed away because no one had any real confidence in Jim Buss. This season has all of their worst nightmares coming to life.  

Jimmy has some big shoes to fill as Dr. Buss was, arguably, the greatest owner in the history of sports. The level of excellence that the Lakers enjoyed under Dr. Buss will likely never be matched, by his son or anyone for that matter. Since buying the team in 1979, the Lakers have won ten NBA championships, sixteen Western Conference titles, and eighteen division crowns. Hell, under Buss’leadership they only missed the playoffs twice! (People REALLY want to talk about the Clippers taking over LA?! Excuse me while I literally laugh my ass off.)

Kobe Bryant delivers an emotional speech before Lakers vs. Celtics
Originally, I wanted to wait until the Laker’s played their first home game after Dr. Buss’ passing to gather my thoughts on them. My first instinct; see the team’s energy and fight after such a huge psychological blow and then judge them. I’ve come to realize that wasn’t such a good idea. With all the emotion in the Staples Center on Wednesday, the 97-98 Chicago Bulls (Greatest Team Ever, 72-10.) with five Michael Jordans couldn't beat the Lakers. No one was beating the Lakers on that night. How they perform from here-on-out is really going to tell us a lot about the Lakers. I say things are going to go one of the following ways for LA. One) The Lakers rally, they make the playoffs and make some real noise. Two A) The Lakers continue to play the same lackluster basketball, make the playoffs and get rolled in the first round to OKC or San Antonio. Two B), they play the same and miss the playoffs. Three) The Lakers totally implode and get even worse.  In my opinion, all of those scenarios are completely and equally "up-in-the-air" and nothing else. Come season’s end, we’ll see which plays out.

Dr. Buss' blend of hands-on ownership when needed and
     hands-off when it wasn't, helped the Lakers to ten titles.
You see, what this whole thing really boils down to is one of the absolute truths I‘ve learned when it comes to sports. For example, if you're missing a franchise QB, you’re royally screwed. (Cut to Browns, Chiefs and Cardinals fans banging their heads into the computer.) If your favorite team has a bad owner they're much worse off. Just think about all the different ways a bad owner affects your team. Coaches don’t want to work with your team and agents will steer the best free agents away from your team if the ownership sucks. A prized franchise player will almost certainly jump ship and high draft picks will always suffer under bad management. When an owner is cheap, they only look at your favorite team as their personal ATM. They don’t spend money on coaches, they try to low ball or underpay their own stars and they cheap out on little things like staff members or team facilities. These cheap, money hungry bastards would charge you for breathing air in the arena, if they could get away with it.

That being said, the ignorant/hands-on owner is a whole other ball of wax. Sure, they'll spend money on the team and their hearts are in the right place, but they can never seem to get out of their own way. This type of owner thinks he/she knows more than the people they’ve hired and even worse, sometimes he/she puts themselves in positions they have NO business being in. This forces/allows them to make stupid decisions based solely on their “I CAN DO THIS MY WAY” ego. (Cut to Cowboy fans banging their heads into the computer.) That’s why Jim Buss hired the wrong coach. It was all Jim desperately wanting to prove that he can do this his way and that he didn't/doesn't need Phil Jackson.

All my life I’ve been a Laker fan and that's not changing. I’ve only known the Lakers one way and that's Jerry Buss’ way. The way that proved you could blend entertainment basketball without sacrificing championship caliber basketball. He always strived to make the Lakers not only the best team in the NBA, but the best “show” in the NBA. I'm also a longtime/long suffering Detroit Lions and Chicago Cubs fan so the Lakers have always been the only source of joy for sports in much of my life. Even during the "down" years, my dad always told me this, “Don’t worry son, Jerry will figure it out and make it work.” For 20 years my father was never wrong about that. Dr. Buss always figured it out. Funny thing is, my dad hasn’t told me that one time about Jimmy Buss. Rest well Dr. Buss. You’ll be missed.

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