Friday, April 26, 2013

I May Be Wrong, But I Doubt It! (Episode 5)

It's that time of year again. You know that wonderful time where the flowers bloom, the snow melts and the movies stop sucking. From about the end of Oscar season to the start of the summer, we have to sit through some pretty horrible films, (Scary Movie 5 ring a bell?) but that's over now as Pain and Gain semi-officially kicks off the summer blockbuster season. (Although Iron Man 3 is really going to get things rolling next week.) I thought I'd do a podcast breaking down all the big movies coming up this summer. I've enlisted the help of my good buddy Dylan Kress. Dylan's a fellow film maker and film lover that I know here in LA. I thought I should turn on a mic and let you listen in on our epic debates. So thanks for listening, leave a comment below, or not because you guys never do, but I still love you and last but not least, ENJOY THE VIEW!

1 comment:

  1. I'll give you my take on a few of the things you guys talked about.
    Hangover 3: I saw this movie and I can say that it is not a retread of the first two movies and is funny. That is all I can say about that.
    Man of Steel: I think it looks real good and may be the movie to take the summer. WB is so happy over this film they are heavily courting Christian Bale to come back as Batman for the Justice League movie.
    Star Trek Into Darkness: I think this is the movie to beat this summer. There is so much mystery to this film and we all know how JJ Abrams loves his mysteries.
    Iron Man 3: As a comic book movie fan I can say that no good has come from a 3rd movie. As much as I love Ben Kingsley, some of his delivery of lines in the trailer seem weird. It will do good...just don't leave the theater until after the credits.
    The reason why Elysium gives you that District 9 vibe is they were both directed by Neill Blomkamp. I can't wait to see this.
    My pick for flop is Wolverine. I saw the trailer and it didnt excite me the way Man Of Steel and Star Trek did.
    My sleeper hit is Now You See Me. It's a heist movie with magicians pulling off the heist.