Monday, February 3, 2014

He Who Laughs Last...

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson raises the Vince Lombardi trophy.
This may not be the last time you see this.
Well some months ago, before the NFL ushered in a new season. Before the first ball was passed, ran, caught or fumbled. Before a single play was executed or touchdown was scored I picked the Denver Broncos to lose to the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII. I was right.

Funny thing is, I picked them, the Seahawks, last season. There was just something about their rookie QB, Russell Wilson that I loved. I loved his story. I loved his fight and will to overcome things. Dude had gone from NC State to Wisconsin to Seattle, mastered EACH system and became the starter in EACH place. Nevermind that he was a 3rd round draft pick, or that he was suppose to be too short, or that Seattle had just paid Matt Flynn. Wilson still managed to win over coach Pete Carroll enough that he got the job over assumed starter Matt Flynn. The best man plays in Seattle and the best man played when Wilson took over. I predicted that while Andrew Luck may be better and RG3 may get more press, that Wilson had the better collection of overall talent surrounding him and that he would get a ring first. I was right.

I was only wrong last season when I picked the Broncos because I didn’t factor in Black Jesus Ray Lewis retired and I didn't realize how much that was going to motivate the Baltimore Ravens. I was only wrong about the Seahawks last season because they lacked the one thing they need most… Experience. But after a victory over RG3 and Washington in round one and after a near win/close loss to the Falcons in round two, Seattle had all the experience they would need for this season. I figured they’d come back next year just as hungry and with the added experience, I figured only injuries could stop them. I picked Denver again because I saw how weak the AFC was and I figured cream would rise to the top. I was right. 
Manning never got in groove against Seattle's D.
Seattle did to Denver what they did all season long. They dominated. From the opening snap, Peyton Manning and Denver's record setting offense was under siege and over matched. Last night MetLife sounded more like Century Link 2.0. If one play has ever spelled doom for a team that safety was it for the Broncos. Winning teams DON’T start games like that. They just don’t.  Especially Super Bowl winning teams. Seattle’s defense played old school, cliché football. They were fast. They were physical. They were hard-nosed, smash-mouth and then some. Honestly, the real Super Bowl was two weeks again in Seattle. Because the only team that had a chance to beat Seattle was San Francisco. Both teams, Seattle or San Fran, would have manhandled the Broncos. I was right.

Seattle reigns supreme over the NFL and it’s early, but I can’t see why I wouldn’t pick them to do it again next season. Sure it’s hard to do, you know win back-to-back titles and no team since the Patriots in '03 - '04 have pulled it off, but the Seahawks have something on their side those Pats didn’t; youth. Seattle is the 2nd youngest team to ever win the title. Of the 4 youngest squads to do it, (1981 49ers, 1974 Steelers, 1985 Bears and 2014 Seahawks) only the 1985 Bears didn’t win multiple titles and some say the 1986 team was actually a better team than the legendary '85 Bears.
Pete Carroll joined elite company as he became just one of three coaches
to win both a national title and a Super Bowl title.
Seattle still has the benefit of getting elite QB play without having to pay for it. That will change as Russell Wilson is going to command a $100 million plus contract when this "cheapo" deal is up. Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and a few other key players have yet to be paid what they’re worth as well. Soon they all will get paid and things in Seattle will before more difficult, but for now it doesn’t matter. Congratulations to Seattle and thanks for making me look so right and for giving me this video to play for my brother until the end of time. (Skip to 29:13) He who laughs last ALWAYS laughs the loudest.

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