Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I May Be Wrong, But I Doubt It! (Episode 16 PT. 2)

Case study for violence and stupidity. Aaron Hernandez.

In the wake of the Aaron Hernandez murder trial, my brother Zeph and I have a discussion about violence in sports and why so much seems to come from the NFL. We talk about the factor money plays in the violence, what can the NFL do to limit these problems, why does the NFL seem to get a "pass" from incidents like this, does this black-eye hurt the league's image and where do the Patriots go from here as far as on the field. This is part two of a two part mega podcast. Click this link to hear part one, where we talk about the biggest topics in the NBA. Subscribe, share and join the debate by leaving a comment below. You can follow me on Twitter @ParisLay and you can follow my brother Zeph @NeecySon81. Thanks for listening and enjoy the view!

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