Monday, June 10, 2013

I May Be Wrong, But I Doubt It! (Episode 10)

LeBron James and the Miami Heat even up the NBA Finals 1 to 1 going into Game 3.

Well I didn't see that coming. My brother Zeph and I break down the Miami Heat's victory over the San Antonio Spurs in Game Two of the NBA Finals. Plus we look ahead to Game 3 down in Texas. Zeph's still holding on to his San Antonio in five games prediction while I try to talk some sense into him. Share, Subscribe, Leave a comment below to join the discussion, follow me on Twitter @ParisLay and follow my brother Zeph @NeecySon81. Thanks for listening and ENJOY THE VIEW!


  1. I sent you guys a couple of tweets. Whats encouraging about the Spurs is that they allowed Chalmers and Cole to beat them. That's not a bad thing.

    Lastly I don't agree with the best player can always pull a team through. Case in point how my Pistons of '04 beat your Lakers :)

    Individually the Pistons talents didn't match Kobe and even Shaq at the time. I'll give you a mulligan that Payton and Malone were old. But the TEAM, BENCH, pretty much over-whelmed the Lakers.

  2. Great points and thanks for listening...That '04 Pistons team is one of the most interesting teams in NBA history...Still can't believe they won...